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Ben Simon Figures

Flat and Alive

Light Blue Hair Grin Across%_edited_edit

It is wonderful and sublime how the humanity in a portrait reaches us through the paint. The painted head, reinvented and varied in as many ways as there are kinds of people reflects ingenuity. The artist speaks to us and the portrayed speak to us. Simon's flat powerful figures are built to be energized and have a strong presence. His figures are aware of their confinement to a flat surface and try to make the most of it.  

Above, however powerful and striking the face, the back of the head dissolves imperceptibly into the ether of the background as do the cheekbone, chin and brow. Simon's work is strong and sensitive, grotesque and beautiful. 

"Light Blue Hair and Wide Grin" 53 x 39cm acrylic on panel 2017. 

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