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The Head

The cartoon expresses emotion and form simply. Simple means direct. Forthright, like the picture plane itself, Simon engages the viewer immediately with a face while the subtler elements of the painting emerge more slowly.

Pale Head with Yellow Teeth fills the composition to capacity.  It is painted a near flat lilac grey against which the brightly punctuated dots and lines inform the subtle contours and structure of the head.


The presence of all three of the primary colors lends integrity to a small and simple painting. Tension, the primary element for drama and life is the uneasy relationship between the purple in the face and the yellow teeth. 

Untitled Head with Pink Nose, 28 x 22 ac
Purple Face Yellow teeth%.jpg
"Pale Head with Yellow Teeth" 52 x 38cm
acrylic on panel 2017 

A dot or circle is also a point, which like its own pupil, the eye connects with it. Dots feature alongside the dramatic modeling of the face and very sharp color.  In Simon's work different elements shout for prominence. Color, geometry, or comical features pop out like teeth or ears to move the eye around.

The eye must be moved. The excitement is in the eye and brain interacting with the painting and the painter.

"Orange Eyes Pink Nose" 28 x 22cm acrylic on panel 2017
"Big Grin" 15 x 15cm acrylic on canvas
Edited Image 2016-09-14 07-39-21
"Yellow Hair Red Eyes" 61 x 46cm guache on paper 
Vertical Eye Horizonatl Eye oil on panel
"Vertical Eye Red Shirt" 52 x 38cm oil on panel 2018
"Blue Shirt Wide Grin" 28 x 22cm acrylic paint on canvas
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