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Seated Figures

Face the seated figure. We find ourselves with them in their flattened and distorted space, for an intimate and social interaction. The world affects the figure and they affect our world.

Edited Image 2016-09-14 07-21-46
Livingroom Group acrylic on canvas 124 x

"Livingroom Group" 94 x 24cm acrylic on canvas 2018

The figures in the Livingroom Group are congregating naturally in a subtly impossible interior when we arrive.  With so many eyes on us there is a lot to take in.  

RedNeck is perched on his flattened sitting chair and sliding towards us. His body is contorted to an extent that he has a range of energies coursing through him.  Energy is a reality of life and critical to creating or depicting realistic presence.

"RedNeck" 140 x 110cm oil pastel on paper 2007

Drawings- any medium can reach fulfillment. A drawing is not a sketch. Considering that painting is a farce to represent the round world as flat, drawing takes the farce a step further representing all of the color using only black and white. When successful it is a glorious endeavor and achievement.

Oil Pastel Drawings- the exertion needed to fill in an area of color is unlike sweeping a broad brush of slippery paint across canvas. The pastel must be pushed into the tooth to blot out the white of the paper, and then more friction and pressure is used to mix colors right on the paper. That vigor releases energy into the drawing.

DSC_0551 (2)% - Copy - Copy.jpg

"Big Eye Push" 77 x 56cm pencil on paper 2001

Edited Image 2016-09-14 07-25-04

"Still life With a Laptop" 110 x 80cm pencil on paper 2005


"Lunch" 200 x 91cm pencil on paper 2005

Edited Image 2016-09-14 07-21-13

"Red Hand in the Corner" 80 x 60cm oil pastel on paper 2005

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