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Figure in the Landscape


"God Made Strawberries" 118 x 92cm acrylic on panel, 2018

The landscape is a character. 

The portrait has the most personality, detail and interest, but the landscape exerts its powers to overwhelm us. This is seen in the perspective and scenic drama in Merge (below) that directs the eye past various expressions of humanity.

The Crowded Figure searches for himself in a seascape of humanity. In God Made Strawberries, a flat figure is cartooned into flat nature. Its parts are of the many juggled interesting objects, colors and designs.  


"Crowded Figure" 110 x 92cm oil on canvas 2016

Merge 380 x 58cm_edited_edited.jpg

"Merge" 380 x 58cm acrylic on canvas mounted to aluminum Dbond panel

horses visit%_edited.jpg

"Visiting the Horses" 174 x 74cm oil on canvas 2018

The horse is the character who engages the viewer who is distorted and manages to break through the picture plane. The strangely colored person at the extreme left pulls our eyes away and allows the horse to re-engage us.

The horse represents and blends more easily into nature. By focusing on nature, we get refreshed.  The figure and the ground need balance.

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