Tension powers the figure, in my case to invade or enter the viewers' space.  The idea of coming forward from the picture plane using various methods, aggressively or suggestively is interesting to me.

What these figures have to say once they greet the viewer is partly to share their tragic predicament that while trying, unable to break free of the flat, and how they exist to be stared at.  

They are objects in that they are not portrayals of someone who is living. They are the living thing and so try, as we try, to contend with the circumstances. Existing to be stared at is an unnaturally contrived position and relationship with the audience and so the unnatural must play a role. They are not passive.  


Bachelor of Arts Visual Art/Art History, Columbia University, New York. 1999 

Rhode Island School of Design- Summer painting program. 1990 

City University of New York, Queens College- Honors, Fine Arts. Painting and drawing with Mr. Chuck O'Conner. 1992-1994. 

Colorado University- Honors, Fine Arts. 1994-1995. 

Boulder Academy of Fine Arts- with Mr. Elvie Davis. 1994-1996. 


Shoshana Ish-Shalom Prize for Jerusalem Painters, 2005. 


Jerusalem Post, Magazine. "Dont Mess With The Boss" Passover 2018.

Tenoua, "Souccot" Automne 2017.

Jerusalem Post, Magazine. "Meeting in Painting" July 21, 2017.


Beit Shmuel, Animal Vegetable Mineral, Jerusalem. Curated by Dvora Godberger.2019

Hansen House, InPrintJerusalem, Jerusalem 2018

Agripas 12 Gallery, The Artist's Family Jerusalem. 2018

Jewish Federation, "707070" 70 Days, 70 Israeli Artists,Celebrating Israel's 70th Anniversary, Santa Barbara. curated Sagi Refael. 2018

Jerusalem Artists' House, Meeting in Painting Jerusalem. 2017

P8 Galley, Aiming for Touchdown curated Sagi Refael, Tel Aviv. 2107

Gordon-London House, Overload, curated Efi Gen Rishon LeZion. 2016 


Rosenbach Contemporary, Selected works, Jerusalem. 2016


Herziliya Performance Arts Center and Air Force Museum, solo exhibition. 2015


The Clemente, Cutlog curated Art Connections, New York. 2013


Beit Yehdit Gallery, Jerusalem Cultural Center. 2012


HaMaabada/The Lab, Jerusalem. 2010


Beit Yehudit, The International Cultural Community Center, Jerusalem. 2009 


Ziq Gallery, Yellow Submarine. Jerusalem. 2009 


Marrache Fine Arts Gallery. Jerusalem. 2009 


Hadassah Gallery, The Mercaz Hamagshimim, Jerusalem. 2008 


Ziq Gallery, Yellow Submarine. Jerusalem. 2007. 


Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, Haggadah. Washington, D.C. 2006 


Henry Crown Gallery, Jerusalem Theatre. Jerusalem 2006. 


The Jewish Museum, Raymond Burton House. Passover Exhibition. London 2006. 


Bezalel Artists House, New Member Show. Artists' Association of Israel. 2005, Jerusalem


McMaster Museum of Art, Light To the Nations. 2005, Togo Salmon Gallery,              


McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. 


5+5 Gallery, Haggadah., curated Raphael Fodde 2004, Brooklyn, N.Y.  


South Delta Public Library, Group Exhibition. 2001, Delta, B.C. 


Artsforum Gallery, Summer Show. 2001, New York, N.Y. 


Barnes and Nobles Café Gallery, Solo Exhibition. 1997, New York, N.Y. 


The Romanic Bean Café Gallery, Solo Exhibition. 1997, Long Beach, New York. 


Westbeth Art Gallery, Alumni Show. 1996, New York, N.Y. 


Boulder Museum of Fine Art, My Very Best Annual. 1995, 1996, Boulder C.O. 


Penny lane Gallery, Solo Exhibition. 1994, 1995, 1996, Boulder C.O. 


Dairy Arts Center, Sculpture Garden and Painting Gallery. 1995, Boulder C.O. 


Barnes and Nobles Café Gallery, Solo Exhibition. 1996, Boulder, C.O. 






Private Collections


Yale University, Connecticut


Stanford University, California


Rochester Institute of Technology, New York


Library of Congress, Washington D.C.








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