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Insides on the Outside


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There is no color or beauty that is meaningful. In painting, the really beautiful stuff is the artist: the humanity.  Play 30 seconds about Cafe Chairs acrylic on panel

102 x 92cm.


Her Orange Shirt

Enjoy the sea breeze, but the show is on the inside.


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"Cafe Chairs" acrylic on panel

102 x 92cm 

"Yellow Dress Ankle Grab"

acrylic on canvas 90 x 70cm

"Red Chair Blue Chair" acrylic on panel

150 x 150cm sold

"Posed Group In Front of Buildings"

acrylic on canvas 15 x 10cm

"Sitting in the Inside Garden" oil on panel 

43 x 28cm

"Livingroom Group" acrylic on canvas

124 x 84cm

"Pink Nose Clown Face" acrylic on canvas

25 x 20cm

"Women in Nature" oil on canvas

120 x 100cm

Insides on the Outside

When every day life is mundane, waiting, sitting, at a meeting or at the supermarket, they can be made richer with delicate and small interactions between people. People have a lot going on inside. In art these unseen interactions can be expressed. It is a beautiful perspective on life. 

Ben Simon freezes a fleeting moment or a contrived pose and paints in emotions or thoughts in these every day scenes. The color and the brush marks are often strong or loud as interpretations of the inner world of emotions and thoughts inhabiting the scene. The interaction between the figures in their environment or between a figure and themselves when it is a portrait, is ultimately an interaction between Simon and his viewers. Simon's insides show on the outside.


Simon is fascinated with facial expressions sometimes subtle and sometimes exaggerated as expressions of humanity and less as describing a person in particular. Feelings and thoughts read on the surface of the faces of the portrayed. They are the stuff of interaction that Simon is interested in. The inner world of the figure is expressed, and the inner world of the painter is laid out on the canvas expressively on the surface. The inside is on the surface.                                                     

                                                                                                                                                              Yonatan Mishal

Frozen and Alive

Fine Fine Art

Inside Out

Juggling Form

Insides on the Outside will remain through June 2020. New interviews and videos will be published over the course of the exhibition. Please check back.

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